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BlueForce Smart Pro, instrument for measuring the impact/crushing forces of automatic doors and gates

BlueForce Smart Pro e Cloud Area
BlueForce Smart Pro is the unique force measuring instrument for compliance and CE certification of automatic gates and doors according to the current Standards: EN12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95.

BlueForce Smart Pro represents the evolution of the previous instruments. Today it is technically renewed thanks to the advanced Smart GSM and GPS technologies that allow it to interface with all latest generation mobile devices (multiplatform) taking advantage of their graphic potential and IoT internet connectivity.

The BlueForce Cloud portal allows you to manage all your measurements.
BlueForce Smart Pro features

BlueForce Smart Pro uses the GSM and GPS interface to express maximum ioT (internet of things) connectivity.

BlueForce Smart Pro with its wireless interface quickly sends measurement data to the Cloud portal and to any device connected to the web network without compatibility issues (such as PCs, smartphones, tablets etc.).

In addition to the on-site measurement data, BlueForce Smart Pro sends additional information, such as the physical orientation of the instrument (horizontal/vertical) and the GPS location.

The hardware has also been further enhanced, with a faster processor and a lithium-ion battery that can now be recharged via the included USB cable.

The Smart Pro functions allow you to assign the measurement point reference "in situ" as specified by the Standards, as reference the operator can use the supplied handbook.

With a simple setting it is possible to obtain the evaluation of the parameters according to the EN12453 (passed / failed test).

It is possible to use the instrument to test the continuous pushing force (e.g. anti-panic handles), using the additional dynamometric measuring function with direct indication on the display.

The previous functionalities have been retained, as a matter of fact the instrument can be used in stand-alone mode, using the internal memory, the supplied BlueForce software and the wireless printing with the receipt printer (optional).

For all owners of the previous instruments, it is possible to do a Hardware Upgrade to have their instrument updated with the same features as a new one.

kit blueforce
Kits and Accessories for measurements

Blueforce Smart Pro is available in three different configurations. The available kits always include the suitcase, the instrument and the software: See the differences between the BlueForce Smart Pro kits!
In order to execute the measurements according to current Standards, mechanical supports or extensions are required to enable measurements at the correct distance. See the BlueForce accessories section.

The EN12453 Standard provides for crushing and impact force measurements on motorised gates and automatic doors. See force measurements section.
Impact Force Measurements on Automatic Gates
Automatic Doors and Gates - Standards and Compliance

Automatic gates and doors must be compliant and above all safe, as required by current standards. Each door must be supplied with a Technical File, Declaration of Conformity and EC Marking.

The verification of crushing and impact forces on the main edge of automatic doors, is one of the important operations to be carried out during risk assessment and scheduled maintenances.

According to current European legislation, regular maintenance of motorised doors is mandatory. Motorised doors and gates are special machines and as such must comply with the rules of the European Machinery Directive.

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