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Upgrade Smart Pro - Update your instrument

Turn your old instrument into the new BlueForce Smart Pro! You will get the most advanced technical features!
Upgrade - Update your instrument
What changes in your old instrument

  • New hardware board with IoT technology
  • Activation of internal clock with date and time
  • Blue carrycase and blue display
  • GSM and GPS hardware with integrated SIM card
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with USB cable
  • Access to CLOUD portal (free of charge for the first year)
  • Measuring point saving function
  • Parameters evaluation according to EN12453
  • Multi-platform visualisation (smartphone, PC)
  • Dynamometer function (continuous measurement)
  • Saving of instrument position (right, left)
Update your instrument
N.B. only available for models with USB port
Transform your old instrument into the BlueForce Smart Pro ! You will have the most advanced technical features:

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